Nov. 17th, 2005 01:03 am
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Next time, on Sick, Sad World, body issues! Maybe you already read the fabulous Chiara ([livejournal.com profile] amperlj if you like reminders, or you can subscribe to her handy email notification list) or maybe you saw [livejournal.com profile] triath plugging this entry about body issues, but if you don't or you haven't, you totally should. It will make you better appreciate the following lines from a Marie Claire article entitled "Anatomy of a Pigout":

Be aware that friendship is a dieter's enemy. A study by Pennsylvania State University found when people ate among friends or family, they consumed about 50 percent more than if they were alone or among strangers...

Oh my friends and random LiveJournal readers, let it be known that I will gladly be your diet's very worst enemy except or until the word "diet" means nothing more than the wonderful food you eat every day to sustain your fabulous body, which is a miracle plain and simple (both the simple existence of your body and the magic that is the way you literally are what you eat and when I say "you" I mean "all of us".)

And but so once upon a time [livejournal.com profile] pants_of_doom and I talked about creating something we wanted to call Queensize, or maybe Queenzsized, with the premise or slogan or subtitle "Take up some space". And Chiara's body post has me wanting to resurrect that project and that's where all you readers and friends come in again. If you've ever written or drawn or collaged or otherwise created anything about your body, or wanted to, I want to see it and/or read it and love it and share it with the world and maybe make a sexy print version of it because bookbinding is way fun. All you have to do is make something and share it with me and I will do the other stuff because that's what obsessive-compulsive tendencies are good for, yes? Yes.

Let's rock. queensized at gmail dot com.

And now the chamomile tea has kicked in and I MUST SLEEP. But write me if you want to play this fun creative game pretty please!

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(I've been up since 5:45 because I worked the opening shift at the Glenwood today, so I'm a little punchy, but this is still good news.)

Questionable Content (hereafter abbreviated as "the QC") is going to a 5 comics a week format! Woo!

And J. Jacques is going to try to make the comic his day job, which is badass. If I weren't freaking out about house money stuff, I would totally send him a donation. Or if I weren't freaking out about house money stuff and needed more t-shirts, I would totally buy one of his (except that I can't find the one about how "music + science = sexy"). But as it is I don't exactly feel like I have money to burn and I think Scary Go Round is next on my list of free comics I read online who need my money (they have shirts about monkeys!) Or maybe Bruno. Or Get Your War On, if I'm feeling political. (The "shalom" shirt is pretty great, even if it is unfortunately white.) I've already given Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl and Keith Knight of The K Chronicles my money, albeit in exchange for a shirt and a book, but hey. I don't have much to give my favorite artists, but I do what I can. And if any of them read this, they're welcome to sleep on my couch any time they pass through Eugene, OR.

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So I'm thinking of joining some of the LJ art/writer communities to motivate myself to write more, and do more arts and crafts in general (I keep toying with the ideas of comics and collage, for instance, but never get around to doing anything about them). I'm also thinking maybe I should create a separate artsy account for myself to make very sure I don't end up reading my Friends page instead of working on writing/art stuff. Do any of you have any thoughts about this? Are separate journals a good way of organizing your LJ headspace? Do you have any good LJ artsy/craftsy/writerly communities to recommend? Would you be interested in reading my artsy journal if I created one? Am I just being stupid and ambivalent about my creativity again, and thinking about art instead of doing it? (YES.) Should I be doing laundry? (Also, yes.) Okay, I'll go do laundry now.

Yesterday I didn't get out of the house until Peter got back from school, and we ended up going on a good expedition involving a pirate ship (true), McMenamin's (mmm, Hammerhead!) and Spider-Man 2 (which was fun, and definitely far better than the first Spider-Man if only because Doc Ock is a much better villain than the Green Goblin, but I still think X2 is the best superhero comic book movie ever, if only because it didn't have ever so many gratuituously screamy women). My point is just that I should get out more. Laundry only barely counts, I know, but it's a start.


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