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So today was nice and slow and relaxing so I can be healthy for tomorrow, and I'm going to bed right after writing this because it really feels like 2 AM, which is probably because being sick makes me tired. What a theory, yes.

Anyway, I just wanted to note that we rented Control Room, the documentary movie about Al Jazeera and the start of the 2003 Iraq war, and I thought it was good but not the mind-blowing revelation it seems to have been for some people. Maybe I don't watch enough TV news, or maybe I'm just really cynical about the media in general; maybe it's a little bit of both. Any which way, I'm still glad they got interviews with quite a few cogent and interesting people. Some of the really idealistic Al Jazeera journalists surprised me; I guess I think of reporters as being a really cynical bunch. On the U.S. side, I was particularly impressed by one guy in particular, I think he was a Marine, whose job seems to be media wrangler, and he talked about how he was really shocked when Al Jazeera ran footage of dead U.S. and coalition troops and live, in some cases wounded prisoners of war, only to realize that he hadn't been nearly as shocked the day before when the pictures were of dead and wounded Iraqis, usually civilians.

Anyway, bedtime now. Control Room: good behind-the-scenes kind of documentary about the news. I want to say something about how the media just keep on getting more self-referential, but I'm much too sleepy to come up with anything more clever than "how meta", which is just kinda trite. Oh well. G'night!


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