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I'm reading The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason, and it might be my favorite piece of "when in doubt, don't eat the animal product" propaganda to date (besides cookbooks, anyway). But I just got to the chapter on eating out, and I'm a little worried, because of this passage:

Oh please don't be endorsing whiny bitchitude. All y'all: Be kind to waitstaff, especially when they put up with your shit. This has been a public service announcement. )

That ranted, I am hoping very much that Singer and Mason will conclude that if you really want to eat out ethically, you should either patronize only restaurants that proudly advertise the origin of their ingredients, or forget it and eat only what you cook at home from ingredients whose sources you know and love (and good luck with that; this book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and of course Marion Nestle's fantastic What To Eat are good places to start). I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because the book has been very smart and in touch with reality so far, and I'm more than halfway through. And now I will return to my reading.

Update, 11:18 PM --- Nope, but then again the chapter turned out to be a more general thing about the food industry and three businesses in particular. I thought they went a little too easy on Whole Foods, too, but oh well. Maybe they'll give the "either choose your restaurant with care or stay home" advice in the conclusion of the book.

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And so far, keeping up with my goal of one TracyFood post per weekday, much to my amazement. So that's keeping me distracted from writing on LJ, as is my sustainable agriculture class (field trips next week and the week after that!) and working at Morning Glory and helping at WFFC and on and on and on (today was a lazy day in the name of getting/staying healthy). The weather's gone back to sucking, but earlier this week I planted carrots and spinach and peas to celebrate the fact that my garlic is up and it's staying light past 5 PM (well until 5:30, even!)
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Dang! Saudi Arabia just put one in! At half time, it was Tunisia 1, Saudi Arabia 0, and more importantly it was Tunisia's first World Cup goal since their 3-0 victory over Mexico in Argentina 1978, which made them the first African team ever to win a World Cup game. So go them. If I knew how to say "Go Team!" in Arabic, I would. Especially now that it's tied and the U.S. commentators are still a bunch of dickheads, as always. As much as I enjoy disagreeing with them, they're also frequently annoying enough to make me switch to Univision.

In other news, German police have already started arresting Polish soccer hooligans, and I just saw a report that said two rival groups of Polish Hooligans arranged a practice fight before today's match against Germany, which I'll be missing because of work. I have yet to call in late to work on account of the World Cup, but I've been plenty late a few times already. Today I might've been on time except for that last goal, dangit. I should probably just tell work to not expect me in before 11 any time next week.

Ok, really going now.


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Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] bloodyaussie and [livejournal.com profile] tornadogrrrl!

And now to work, because it is a coworker's birthday as well and I am covering her shift.

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SB 1000, which would create same-sex civil unions in Oregon, passed the state senate this morning. Now the question is: will its "insert 'and civil union' after all references to marriage in the state Constitution, and while you're at it, substitute 'spouse' or 'partner' for all references to 'husband' or 'wife'" form survive the House, much less pass?

Ok, going to work now.

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Dear Rain,

Don't get me wrong. I know you're good for my garden, especially the carrots I thinned out and the brand shiny new green zebra and yellow brandywine tomatoes I planted today. I'm down with not having to water my plants with the garden hose, although I'm still going to mulch them lovingly with grass clippings in an effort to retain water (and as an added bonus, keep down weeds). But couldn't you wait with starting till I'm at work instead of making it hard for me to get there on my bike? I would've liked to keep pruning my roses and make a run to the library, too... but I'll settle for the fact that you seem to be slowing down a bit. Hold that thought! Thank you!


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Happy dead bird(s) day, if you celebrate it, and happy eating too much day if that's your thing. And even if you're not into the commemorating a temporary and possibly fictional peace between extremist Christian emigrants from Europe and the natives of the New World, I wish you a very happy Buy Nothing Day tomorrow. Here in Eugene, Morning Glory (an awesomely delicious hippie coop café) is giving away free food to celebrate, and I'm looking forward to maybe bringing them some vegan treats or something. Also walking there and back in an effort to get my metabolism sped up to the point where maybe I'll digest some turducken. Oof.

I am thankful to be high enough up on the food chain that eating dead birds (or not) is a choice for me, and also that I'm economically well-off enough to buy free-range dead birds for eating when they are available. Also I am thankful for my house and my boy and my kitty and my friends and even my job but that last is slightly colored by the fact that I'm off for a week, woo!

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(I've been up since 5:45 because I worked the opening shift at the Glenwood today, so I'm a little punchy, but this is still good news.)

Questionable Content (hereafter abbreviated as "the QC") is going to a 5 comics a week format! Woo!

And J. Jacques is going to try to make the comic his day job, which is badass. If I weren't freaking out about house money stuff, I would totally send him a donation. Or if I weren't freaking out about house money stuff and needed more t-shirts, I would totally buy one of his (except that I can't find the one about how "music + science = sexy"). But as it is I don't exactly feel like I have money to burn and I think Scary Go Round is next on my list of free comics I read online who need my money (they have shirts about monkeys!) Or maybe Bruno. Or Get Your War On, if I'm feeling political. (The "shalom" shirt is pretty great, even if it is unfortunately white.) I've already given Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl and Keith Knight of The K Chronicles my money, albeit in exchange for a shirt and a book, but hey. I don't have much to give my favorite artists, but I do what I can. And if any of them read this, they're welcome to sleep on my couch any time they pass through Eugene, OR.

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So. I got up a little over 12 hours ago (too early) and got dressed and went to work. I finally clocked out of work a little under 2 hours ago, which means that yes, I worked almost 10 hours today, which is too long. Feh. I even got to work before the other guy scheduled at 6 AM, but he cut himself during the morning's prep grind, so because I am a very nice person I let him go before me. The lunch rush was kinda brutal today, too. It's very good to be home and to have taken a shower and to be drinking tea and eating biscuits and generally relaxing. Also, I do not have to work again until Saturday at 8 AM. Yay!

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Crap. I just checked my work clothes, and I'm going to have to do laundry to get through the weekend. On the one hand, I could suck it up and go to the laundrymat now, so I don't have to go after work on Saturday or Sunday (I'm working at 2 today, which means the 'mat will be closed by the time I get out) but on the other hand I'd rather wait and wash as many clothes at once, even if it means doing laundry when I'm already tired and cranky from work. Feh, though. Laundry sucks.

In other news, it rained last night, and it's still gray and windy out right now, to the point where it makes me think maybe I should close some windows. But will I? Naaaah.

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I swear, I've been responsible today, too, or at least I've paid my rent (this includes writing not just a check and an envelope but a snarky note to our landlady about how our recycling doesn't get picked up anymore). Also I've checked Amtrak to see how late [livejournal.com profile] ouro's train is going to be. Which means it's time to sit on the bed with the cat (who lost his collar two days ago, the little punk) and tell you all about the funny-stupid web toy of the moment! )

So scandalous! [livejournal.com profile] versacedave, this is all your fault!

Okay, maybe I'll go do some more responsible stuff before I work at 2....

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Okay, so the title really says it all. And the 4 stitches and the big bandage do make me feel better about getting light-headed and even a little queasy from the pain of cutting my hand at work today. In fact, I'm a stupendous badass/complete idiot for working 5+ hours with what turns out is a pretty serious injury. )

Long story short, I got home after my shift and then Peter and I went to Urgent Care, and just as I was thinking "Gee, it's stopped bleeding, and it hurts but it doesn't look so bad anymore, maybe I should just bandage it up and go home," it turned out they wanted to stitch me up. So, um, yeah. I've bragged enough about my 4 stitches now, so I'm going to go to sleep before the local anaesthetic wears off and the pain maybe keeps me awake. (I got some Vicodin, but I'd rather not use it, because I'm a big macho dumb-ass. But if you didn't know that about me already, then this story probably proves it.)

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So. According to this here entry, I started at the Glenwood a year ago today. I've got some more stuff to say about it (mostly about how weird it is that there's only 3 cooks senior to me now, after a year) but hey, I've got to go to work!

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So yesterday, because I am insane, I got up at 6 AM to wake up [livejournal.com profile] theshytiger so we could drive [livejournal.com profile] pants_of_doom to the Portland airport, then drove back home, got changed, and rode my bike to work for about 9 hours. In my professional opinion, the nooner shift (from anywhere between 11 AM and 12 PM until far too late) can suck it. The 2 PM till far too late is okay, though, which is weird, but whatever. It probably would've been less sucky if I hadn't been so damn tired, but still. Being tired makes me a danger to myself and others, but mostly myself. If you don't want to read about my various and sundry work-related injuries and in particular if you hate reading about blood, skip this section. )

By the time I got home, mere moments after [livejournal.com profile] nedthealpaca and [livejournal.com profile] stereotype441 arrived to crash on our floor en route to the Humboldt Juggling Festival, which is this weekend, I was only barely human. So I washed my filthy exhausted body and went to bed.

Today I am resting and being nice to myself and pondering the chocolate cheesecake recipe in The Vegetarian Epicure, Book Two, which Penny insisted I buy when we were at Smith Family earlier in the week (I also got The Vegetarian Epicure and The Door in the Hedge by Robin McKinley). I'll probably do laundry at some point, since my sock and underwear drawers are both pretty empty, BUT most importantly of all, I'm going to fill out an application to cook for Sundance Natural Foods! I'm so excited! )

But first I think I will have some lunch.

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Happy Birthday, [livejournal.com profile] pants_of_doom!

Ok, I better get off my butt and get to work now. But some messages are very important.

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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] triath! You get better than Barbie every year!

Posted from work, on a computer that doesn't seem to like me very much (in particular, the space bar likes me to hit it two or three times before it responds). That's dedication, baby!

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So I've been home from work for just over an hour, and I've taken a shower, but I just got the call I was dreading when I left --- the 5 PM guy is sick and hasn't been able to find anyone to replace him. So I'll be going back in to work shortly, perhaps with a stop in between to get a haircut. Yee-haw. Maybe I'll learn to close some more (as far as I can tell so far, this just involves a lot of cleaning and putting lids on stuff and remembering to turn off all the appliances that don't need to run overnight). Chances are they'll let me go as soon as possible, though, since I'm working at 7 AM tomorrow, and it would be really shitty to not be done until 11 PM, which is usually when the closers finish up. On the other hand, sticking around might be good practice for next week: Spearhead is in town on Thursday, and I'm thinking of going despite the fact that I have to work at 7 the next day. Depending on how today goes, it'll probably decide whether or not I go with that plan. Whee! Ok, better get going now.

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Johnny Cash is dead. The voices in my head have been singing "Folsom Prison Blues" ever since I heard the news at work (I've been singing along, from time to time). Now I'm listening to his collaboration with U2, because as far as I know it's the only recording of him we've got. It's more than time to correct that condition, I think.

I went out searching
Looking for one good man...
I went out walking
With a Bible and a gun.
The word of God lay heavy on my heart
I was sure I was the one.

Big goosebumps. He was only 71. I would've sworn he was at least a hundred, but more like older than God. I dunno. I want to say something about agelessness and immortality and suchforth, but I'm striking out. Also I want to say something about yay for defying easily-defined musical genres and artistic categorization in general. Woo. (That was a very solemn, thoughtful, almost reverent "Woo" --- could you tell?)

In other, but much more minor, news of the "Well, dang" persuasion, today at work I managed to give myself a huge nasty splinter --- with a toothpick. Go figure.

Update, 17:46: This just in! The New York Times obituary for Johnny Cash includes a link to a multimedia retrospective that includes a snippet of the man's cover of "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails. Holy shit. It's brilliant. I think I'm still processing just how cool it is.


Sep. 5th, 2003 04:49 pm
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So today I got to work a little before 7, like I usually do, and there was no one in the kitchen, although it looked like the usual opening was more or less in progress. I got to the registers to check in, and the first server I saw said, "Oh good! We have a cook!" Uh-oh.

Turns out the usual opener (Lisa) got to work but wasn't feeling very well and eventually got sent home. The manager on duty was on the phone trying to get ahold of another cook, but no luck. He ended up being my toast monkey while I held the line for close to two hours, running on nothing but pure adrenaline and the constant, dreadful feeling that I must've forgotten something It was the bacon, but even that turned out okay eventually. )

I had my first break at 11 and then it finally occurred to me to ask: did this mean I'd be working tomorrow? When I left a little after 2:30, it was still unclear whether Lisa would be sufficiently recovered to work (i.e. whether I'd have to cover for her). I rode my bike home the long way to relax, bitched to Peter for awhile before taking a nice long relaxing shower, but half an hour ago the phone rang and guess what? I'm opening tomorrow. Whee, ha.

I think it's time I asked for a raise. I mean, I held my own today under circumstances that would have made our other opener seriously freak out, and they're trusting me to open tomorrow, not him (although, granted, he's the 7 AM, so even if I'm super-slow he can probably have me caught up in no time). The manager who helped me on line today is the same guy who a few weeks ago gave me a bit of a talking-to, saying I needed to pick up the pace, but he's asking me to open tomorrow, so yeah. If they're gonna let me play like one of the big kids, then I'd like to get paid more like one of the big kids.

Oy vey. I stayed up kinda late last night playing with LJ style crap, thinking I only had to work today and could rest up over the weekend. I'd better go to bed early tonight, but before then I'm going to be really nice to myself. I see a lot of lounging around in bed in my future, even if the cat is being really loud and resentful at being locked inside so he can't make more trouble with the neighbor kitties.


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