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I think I sent my last batch of postcards from Nepal one month ago today, and I know I sent one to our home address here in Eugene, but it hasn't arrived yet, which has me a little worried. So here's my request to everyone who asked for a postcard (that links back to the original comments-filtered address collecting post, which was how I started my "to mail" list): could you please reply to this post and let me know if you got mail from my sojourn on the other side of the world? Again, comments will be screened.

Thanks so much!


Apr. 8th, 2004 03:58 pm
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Where, if anywhere, am I supposed to attach the 1099-MISC? I've got everything else filled out: the forms for profit or loss from a business, self-employment tax, and the fuckin' 1040 itself, which I swear gets more hateful every time I look its way, and I can't find any instructions pertaining to whether I even have to enclose the 1099-MISC, let alone staple it to some crucial piece of paper or whatever. So far the two most sensible solutions I've come up with are:

  1. I don't have to enclose the 1099-MISC, just the business and self-employment tax forms.
  2. I should just stick an extra copy of the 1099-MISC in the envelope with my 1040 and all that other crap, just in case.

I think I'm gonna go with option #2 unless I meet someone who knows better in my quest to photocopy everything and get it all in the mail. Argle-bargle!

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So I went outside (in my pajamas, because wearing pajamas makes everything better) to check the mail (I got a new ATM card --- didn't know the old one was that close to expiring), and on my way back in Iggy Pop made a bold escape attempt. He got as far as the front porch, but I caught him by his tail and dragged him back inside, pulling the screen door closed behind us and trying my best to ignore his pathetic angry-hurt-sad cat noises.

Now I am feeling very guilty for being mean to my kitty, but dammit, if he's going to get into fights with the neighbor cats when he goes outside, then he's not going out. (Today, anyway; I bet we'll feel differently tomorrow at 5 AM or whenever he starts his yowling, and he gets really twitchy and unhappy if we keep him in for more than a few days anyway.) But I still feel like a really bad cat mama. I might have to buy back his love with canned food. I am such a wuss.


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