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I got back from my Asian adventures very late last night, and today I have mostly been wandering around the house touching everything as if to convince myself that I'm really back and not just dreaming it. (Also I have been petting the cats.) Not one but three memory cards bearing a ridiculous number of pictures suggests that the trip was not a dream either, but dealing with all of that is pretty intimidating --- there is so much! Which reminds me: I wrote something mushy for all of you at the end of the trekking portion of the trip, and posted it on TracyFood, where it was probably way too easy to overlook what with all the automagical post stuff, so I am calling attention to it now.

Anyway. Here is a picture of me in front of some very large mountains:

Should I just call this one "Neener, Neener?"

and that picture is as good a way as any to get to my Flickr, where I'll be posting lots more from the trip. Also I might have a thing or two to write about it on TracyFood eventually, just maybe (LOL I AM TEH FUNNAY --- ok, not really, but really it's amazing that I've managed to string together even this many semi-coherent sentences).

It is awesome to be home.


Jun. 5th, 2007 02:43 pm
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I haven't seen any lightning, but even if I do, it will not keep me away from the next-to-last session of Urban Farm. (Yay Urban Farm! Best class ever! I am going to miss it so much that I am looking into volunteering at one of Eugene's community gardens after the end of the term, just to get my "really big garden that I share with a bunch of people and we all hang out and work on it together" fix, because it is that awesome, even if I totally got a sunburn doing just that last Saturday.) And now I must finish proofreading my review of Michael Pollan's Second Nature, which I will be turning in today --- it turned out really well and I'm super-proud, especially of the way I used the phrase "really gets on my tits" in a way that was almost entirely appropriate except for how it's sort of an academic paper and all. Tee-hee! I'll put the full book report on TracyFood sometime soon, perhaps in sections because I rambled on and on and on for almost seven pages (only one of which was devoted to my deep aversion to the masculine generic --- Inclusive language forever, baby!)

Hot damn, it's pouring out. I'd better go let Iggy Pop in from the rain, and then look at bus schedules.

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Some people I know swear that summer is their most carnivorous season — they just can’t resist dead animal flesh cooked on the grill. Not me. I get closest to veganism or even (gods and goddesses forbid) a raw foods diet during the hottest days of the year, when everything growing is so ripe and fresh it’s hard to think of eating anything else.


[livejournal.com profile] kuddliphish asked if there was an LJ RSS feed for TracyFood yet, and there isn't, in part because I need a paid account to set that up and also because if I automate the "hey, check out TracyFood" messages I'll never update LJ again, which would be lame it turns out there's one at [livejournal.com profile] tracyfood and I don't know who's responsible (it sure wasn't me!) but I'm very happy it exists. Also, I'm thinking maybe I'll make weekly TracyFood summaries on LJ instead of entries every time I put a post up there, for purposes of laziness and not wanting to feel like I'm spamming. Any thoughts, dear readers?

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And so far, keeping up with my goal of one TracyFood post per weekday, much to my amazement. So that's keeping me distracted from writing on LJ, as is my sustainable agriculture class (field trips next week and the week after that!) and working at Morning Glory and helping at WFFC and on and on and on (today was a lazy day in the name of getting/staying healthy). The weather's gone back to sucking, but earlier this week I planted carrots and spinach and peas to celebrate the fact that my garlic is up and it's staying light past 5 PM (well until 5:30, even!)
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I maybe started myself a food blog last week (with web geek help from Peter, of course). And tonight I maybe told my mom about it. Here's hoping she can limit herself to one comment per entry.


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