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I'm reading The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason, and it might be my favorite piece of "when in doubt, don't eat the animal product" propaganda to date (besides cookbooks, anyway). But I just got to the chapter on eating out, and I'm a little worried, because of this passage:

Oh please don't be endorsing whiny bitchitude. All y'all: Be kind to waitstaff, especially when they put up with your shit. This has been a public service announcement. )

That ranted, I am hoping very much that Singer and Mason will conclude that if you really want to eat out ethically, you should either patronize only restaurants that proudly advertise the origin of their ingredients, or forget it and eat only what you cook at home from ingredients whose sources you know and love (and good luck with that; this book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and of course Marion Nestle's fantastic What To Eat are good places to start). I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because the book has been very smart and in touch with reality so far, and I'm more than halfway through. And now I will return to my reading.

Update, 11:18 PM --- Nope, but then again the chapter turned out to be a more general thing about the food industry and three businesses in particular. I thought they went a little too easy on Whole Foods, too, but oh well. Maybe they'll give the "either choose your restaurant with care or stay home" advice in the conclusion of the book.

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It's our political action fund! A guy from the Sierra Club just came by and we gave him $8 in quarters and Sacajawea dollars. Plus Allison and I got to send postcards to Bush and OR senator Smith saying "National parks are good, mmkay? Leave 'em be!" Now I am hungry, which means it's time for leftovers! Mmmm, cream of three mushrooms soup courtesy of the Glenwood's dinners to go! Woo!

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(I've been up since 5:45 because I worked the opening shift at the Glenwood today, so I'm a little punchy, but this is still good news.)

Questionable Content (hereafter abbreviated as "the QC") is going to a 5 comics a week format! Woo!

And J. Jacques is going to try to make the comic his day job, which is badass. If I weren't freaking out about house money stuff, I would totally send him a donation. Or if I weren't freaking out about house money stuff and needed more t-shirts, I would totally buy one of his (except that I can't find the one about how "music + science = sexy"). But as it is I don't exactly feel like I have money to burn and I think Scary Go Round is next on my list of free comics I read online who need my money (they have shirts about monkeys!) Or maybe Bruno. Or Get Your War On, if I'm feeling political. (The "shalom" shirt is pretty great, even if it is unfortunately white.) I've already given Dorothy Gambrell of Cat and Girl and Keith Knight of The K Chronicles my money, albeit in exchange for a shirt and a book, but hey. I don't have much to give my favorite artists, but I do what I can. And if any of them read this, they're welcome to sleep on my couch any time they pass through Eugene, OR.

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So. I got up a little over 12 hours ago (too early) and got dressed and went to work. I finally clocked out of work a little under 2 hours ago, which means that yes, I worked almost 10 hours today, which is too long. Feh. I even got to work before the other guy scheduled at 6 AM, but he cut himself during the morning's prep grind, so because I am a very nice person I let him go before me. The lunch rush was kinda brutal today, too. It's very good to be home and to have taken a shower and to be drinking tea and eating biscuits and generally relaxing. Also, I do not have to work again until Saturday at 8 AM. Yay!

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Okay, so the title really says it all. And the 4 stitches and the big bandage do make me feel better about getting light-headed and even a little queasy from the pain of cutting my hand at work today. In fact, I'm a stupendous badass/complete idiot for working 5+ hours with what turns out is a pretty serious injury. )

Long story short, I got home after my shift and then Peter and I went to Urgent Care, and just as I was thinking "Gee, it's stopped bleeding, and it hurts but it doesn't look so bad anymore, maybe I should just bandage it up and go home," it turned out they wanted to stitch me up. So, um, yeah. I've bragged enough about my 4 stitches now, so I'm going to go to sleep before the local anaesthetic wears off and the pain maybe keeps me awake. (I got some Vicodin, but I'd rather not use it, because I'm a big macho dumb-ass. But if you didn't know that about me already, then this story probably proves it.)

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So. According to this here entry, I started at the Glenwood a year ago today. I've got some more stuff to say about it (mostly about how weird it is that there's only 3 cooks senior to me now, after a year) but hey, I've got to go to work!

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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] kangaroon!

I will try calling you again later this evening for a cheap simulation of the in-person birthday well-wishing that was thwarted by the Glenwood's change in remodeling plans.

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This afternoon I came home from tutoring to read Peter two chapters of Howl's Moving Castle. Eventually we got out and visited the GTFF union office, where we filled out some paperwork that makes me eligible for health insurance as his domestic partner. Rock! Then Peter went off to his office on campus, and I stopped by an ATM for some cash and hit Mother Kali's Books for their CD sale. There I got Independence Meal by Alix Olson, The Righteous Ones by Toshi Reagon, and End of the Summer by Dar Williams, which makes my CD collection much more complete (really, it's amazing I didn't already have those, especially the Dar). Yay! Outside Mother Kali's, a friendly butch lady perusing the super-sale rack told me they were giving out free ice cream cones at Dairy Queen, so that was my next stop (it's a promotional dealy celebrating the 100th anniversary of ice cream). Then I stopped by the Glenwood to pick up my tips, and so now I have small bills with which to do laundry. Then I wandered around and thought about getting a haircut, but decided it was a little risky to do so while wearing my Weird Al "Bad Hair Day" t-shirt (tempting fate and whatnot). So I stopped by Mother Kali's again and signed up to volunteer during textbook rush next week, because if they're really going out of business that could be my last chance to hang out and help out there. Then I rode my bike home, enjoying the beautiful weather all the way. All told, a most satisfying afternoon. Tutoring this morning went okay, too. I still need a haircut and we still need groceries, but I'll be getting on that aforementioned laundry in just a bit, and overall life is good.

Update, 18:45: Okay, so I know this isn't one big paragraph anymore, but I wanted to note that I've been updating the above paragraph like every 15 minutes or something ridiculous like that, and I have no idea why.

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So I've been home from work for just over an hour, and I've taken a shower, but I just got the call I was dreading when I left --- the 5 PM guy is sick and hasn't been able to find anyone to replace him. So I'll be going back in to work shortly, perhaps with a stop in between to get a haircut. Yee-haw. Maybe I'll learn to close some more (as far as I can tell so far, this just involves a lot of cleaning and putting lids on stuff and remembering to turn off all the appliances that don't need to run overnight). Chances are they'll let me go as soon as possible, though, since I'm working at 7 AM tomorrow, and it would be really shitty to not be done until 11 PM, which is usually when the closers finish up. On the other hand, sticking around might be good practice for next week: Spearhead is in town on Thursday, and I'm thinking of going despite the fact that I have to work at 7 the next day. Depending on how today goes, it'll probably decide whether or not I go with that plan. Whee! Ok, better get going now.


Sep. 5th, 2003 04:49 pm
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So today I got to work a little before 7, like I usually do, and there was no one in the kitchen, although it looked like the usual opening was more or less in progress. I got to the registers to check in, and the first server I saw said, "Oh good! We have a cook!" Uh-oh.

Turns out the usual opener (Lisa) got to work but wasn't feeling very well and eventually got sent home. The manager on duty was on the phone trying to get ahold of another cook, but no luck. He ended up being my toast monkey while I held the line for close to two hours, running on nothing but pure adrenaline and the constant, dreadful feeling that I must've forgotten something It was the bacon, but even that turned out okay eventually. )

I had my first break at 11 and then it finally occurred to me to ask: did this mean I'd be working tomorrow? When I left a little after 2:30, it was still unclear whether Lisa would be sufficiently recovered to work (i.e. whether I'd have to cover for her). I rode my bike home the long way to relax, bitched to Peter for awhile before taking a nice long relaxing shower, but half an hour ago the phone rang and guess what? I'm opening tomorrow. Whee, ha.

I think it's time I asked for a raise. I mean, I held my own today under circumstances that would have made our other opener seriously freak out, and they're trusting me to open tomorrow, not him (although, granted, he's the 7 AM, so even if I'm super-slow he can probably have me caught up in no time). The manager who helped me on line today is the same guy who a few weeks ago gave me a bit of a talking-to, saying I needed to pick up the pace, but he's asking me to open tomorrow, so yeah. If they're gonna let me play like one of the big kids, then I'd like to get paid more like one of the big kids.

Oy vey. I stayed up kinda late last night playing with LJ style crap, thinking I only had to work today and could rest up over the weekend. I'd better go to bed early tonight, but before then I'm going to be really nice to myself. I see a lot of lounging around in bed in my future, even if the cat is being really loud and resentful at being locked inside so he can't make more trouble with the neighbor kitties.

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LiveJournal Mood Ring results: funny! )

It's also pretty true. I've been feeling pretty energetic lately (with the exception of Friday, when I was the Amazing Zombie Girl at work until Charlie the best waiter ever made me some crazy magic coffee-chai concoction that would've kept me hopped up all day on any other day, but instead only brought me up to normal energy levels --- I was fried because Peter and I stayed up way past my bedtime watching Amélie the night before, but I digress). I think it's because I've been getting more exercise, consistently riding my bike home the long way from work and whatnot. Oh, and did I mention I worked today? And that I have my birthday and the day afterwards off (because I traded my Friday 7 AM shift for somebody's Wednesday 7 AM)? Clearly, I should have me some birthday fun that involves staying up way too late, since I'm not going to have to get up early the next day.... but what? Oh, my life is so hard and so full of dilemmas. Okay, maybe not, but it certainly is going to be full of laundry in a bit, and after that probably dinner at Pizza Research Institute. Yum.


Aug. 20th, 2003 02:11 pm
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So last Saturday as I was leaving work I put a little note on the message board in the break room advertising the fact that I want more hours, and suggesting that cooks who want to take a day off (especially on weekends) give me a call. I also asked if anyone wanted to trade shifts so I could have next Thursday off (it is my birthday, after all).

I just got a call. Net result is I'm working this Saturday and next Saturday at 7 AM, and I have my birthday off, just like I wanted. Hurray!

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Ok, so this weekend was the first time I worked on Saturday and/or Sunday in like a month, but I let my grumpiness at not having many hours be known. One of my coworkers suggested that if I learned to open the restaurant kitchen, I could get scheduled for 6 AM shifts. Ouch, but at the same time, I could use the hours, and if I knew how to open, I'd be more useful in general, and thus more qualified to harass management for a better schedule and raises and suchforth. So I let the "what if I trained to open?" idea slip to a manager when I was signing out yesterday, and she said, "That's a GREAT idea! Can you come in tomorrow, just for an hour or two, to see what it's all about?" and suddenly it was almost like I'd promised I'd come in. So this morning I got up before the sun and started learning about opening the kitchen at the Glenwood.

Turns out it's pretty easy. ) Today my reward (besides pay, that is) for coming in to open was a lot of good monkey points, a really bitchen breakfast (spinach-feta omelette with sauteed mushrooms and garlic) and a lovely bike ride home (I took the long way, east to campus, across the Willamette, northeast along the north bank of the river, and back across and backtrack east to our house, and it was great to get some exercise). Then I went back to sleep until 11 or so, and now I'm contemplating errands, albeit not very enthusiastically.

Hmm. On second thought, I'd better get out now, before my mom calls and talks my ear off about the past three weeks or however long it is my aunt and uncle (her brother) and their kids have been visiting from Holland (they leave today). Also, I want to catch the 5:05 showing of Whale Rider at the Bijou (Eugene's indie/art house theater, in a remodeled church --- so cool, and the closest movie theater to our house, woo!) I am way psyched about this movie. I think it will pander to me in all the right ways, and wash away the stain of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

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Well, that would be because last week's schedule change is really and truly permanent, even though my boss didn't bother to tell me and it didn't make it into paper form until the schedule for next week (I actually called in last night to double-check my schedule for today, and they told me I had work at 7, not 11... sigh.) On the upside, I now have his home phone number, and it only took me two harassing calls (with a nice, calming bike ride in between) to get a very contrite apology and a promise that I'm going to be working more soon (seeing as I'm now down to 13 hours a week, which is kinda pathetic really). Here's hoping for the best.

In the meantime, I feel like I should be writing more, sending out more query letters (blah blah blah), and thinking more long term plannish. There's a nagging voice in my head that says I should be thinking about grad school, but it usually gets drowned out by a rousing chorus of "Oh yeah? And in what field, huh?" But enough about that --- for now, anyway; I'm sure I'll get back to it the next time I'm feeling grumpy about work (update, 8:56: click on the link for related comic hilarity!) Time to drink me some chai; I'm sure it's been steeping for long enough by now (only 1/2 an hour!)


Jun. 10th, 2003 11:13 pm
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Ok, so one of my goals for today was to harass the Glenwood for more hours, but I ended up putting that off since I wasn't technically done tutoring yet. Tonight I was finishing up my laundry goal and the phone rang. It's my boss at the Glenwood, asking if I can come in Thursday and Friday mornings. Hell yeah I can! It's going to be bitch-ass early, but I'm gonna do it! Woo more hours!

Now I'm going to bed, since I'm meeting my student stupid early tomorrow (where "stupid early" is defined as 9 AM, which is not too early to cook but may be too early for number theory... I just hope I'm not completely useless).

I'm currently finishing my third pot of tea for the day. I don't think it will keep me up all night, seeing as right now I can hardly keep my eyes open.

I haven't made any progress in the packing to move department, but hey. We've got two weeks to move in, and as long as we get the big unwieldy furniture and heavy books done this weekend, the rest is relatively easy, with of course the big fat attention-demanding meowy exception that is Iggy Pop. Oh, life is nothing if not interesting. I'm tired, but I'm still feeling pretty good about that.

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  • Laundry

  • Clean cat box

  • Tutor my last student of the term at 1 PM (number theory, and find out how her analysis final went) This is about half-done, since it turns out her final got rescheduled, so we're meeting again tomorrow.

  • Maybe stop by the Glenwood and celebrate that I'm done tutoring for a bit and drop hints that I'd like more hours now that I've got all the free time Um, cancel that until I'm ACTUALLY done with my student, ok?

  • Clean the table in the living room, which is kind of out of control

  • Start packing to move (we get the keys to the new place on Friday or Saturday, but since I'm working on Saturday and can't be helpful then I'd better be useful before that)

  • Updated to add: Make hummus. Done! And deliciously so, I might add.

  • Updated to add: Pay for health insurance for the month of June (oops; I just found the bill in the living room table mess)

And now, a story about the last time Peter and I moved: <lj-cut> for everyone's convenience )

Okay, enough digressions. Time to do some laundry, I guess.


May. 31st, 2003 09:14 pm
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Ok, so a little under 12 hours ago, I presented myself at the Alder Street Glenwood and said, "Hi, I'm Tracy. Tell me what to do." I was handed an apron, given a quick tour of the kitchen, and then for the next five hours, plus or minus two breaks, I was mistress of the toaster and waffle irons, and it was good. (Also I helped out with a bunch of other random stuff, when I wasn't busy trying to stay out of everybody's way --- there were 6 people in the kitchen, and a normal kitchen staff is 3 or 4, and it's cozy back there even if there's only 2 people working.) Some time after 3 PM, I got to fill out some forms that make me officially employed, and I go back on Monday at noon to start getting trained for real! Woo! More about my exciting day. )

I do have a speck of bad news, which is that we didn't get the house we worked so hard at applying for this week, but hey, at least now I only have to search the classifieds for housing and not jobs. Woo!

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...is a very, very good breakfast. It's also incredibly hippy and D-I-Y, but really, that's what makes it so good for me. I can't believe I went for so long thinking applesauce involved some kind of long, complicated process. But no! Apples, water, rice cooker, potato masher... and like an hour later I'm all set! Woo! Anyway, I got up this morning and tried to work on the rental application for the place we looked at on Wednesday, but I got all freaky-stressed out about it (that'll teach me to try to be productive before breakfast). I'm feeling much better (although still a little nervous) now that I've showered and had my tasty, tasty breakfast treat. Mmmm. All I need now is a pot of tea and I'll be ready to give the paperwork another shot.

In other news, I got paid yesterday! Woo! This tutoring thing is, like, a real job! Woo! My second student (the one I accidentally ditched on Tuesday) was totally cool about the fact that I stood her up, but I apologized about a million times anyway. And conic sections are my bitch. So if/when I get sick of working on the rental application or my renter's resume or the cover letter (we really like this place we're applying for, so we're going kind of buck wild trying to impress the landlord and lady) I might switch to working on business cards and/or posters advertising my tutoring services. Anything to distract me from stressing about my first day at the Glenwood tomorrow. I'm so nervous... ack! Must stop thinking about it! I know, I'll go make some tea...

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Most of this was written around 2 AM last night, right after Peter and I got back from the movies with Wes. I was tired and headachy. The music went from "Untitled Song" from REM's Green to "Dead" by They Might Be Giants" while I tried to submit, but eventually I gave up and went to sleep. Anyway, here goes:

As I just said to [livejournal.com profile] qousqous over IM, "matrix reloaded splodey boom. head hurty now." I am at once pleased and disappointed, but oh that Matrix Revolutions will certainly help me keep entertained until The Return of the King comes out, yay hurray! And that's all I'm going to say about it, because my brain hurts and I want to sleep.

However, I will note that according to Peter, Weird Al has a new album out, and it features an "Angry White Boy Polka", which is the cutest thing I've heard of in quite some time.

Also, my interview with the owner of the Glenwood Restaurant went... strangely. We spoke for over half an hour, which would usually be a good sign, except that she didn't really smile at all during our conversation. I got the impression she was worried that a) I don't have enough experience and b) I won't like the work and will quit after a few weeks. I tried my best to convey my big enthusiasm, but don't know if I succeeded. Oh well. We'll see if they call back.

Ok bedtime now. Iggy Pop has been acting kind of weird today --- all slow and sluggish and lazy, like a cat twice his age or more. I think maybe he's sick, but then again he may be feeling better, since he just hopped up onto my lap and purred when I petted him. Yay! But yay in a bedtime way, yes indeedy.

By the way, Iggy Pop is definitely doing better, or at least purrier. He came and slept on our bed last night, and hung out there with me this morning. Also he's getting back to being his usual yowly demanding self. Awww....

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Note: I started this entry a little after 1 PM but couldn't submit it for some time because LJ was freaking out. So I kept adding to it. And now it's kind of long and boring but oh well. Anybody know why LJ kept giving me "database temporarily unavailable" messages all afternoon?

This morning my new student (the one taking number theory and prob/stat) cancelled; she decided she couldn't afford tutoring. Oh well. I had a good session with my other student, number theory this time, which sadly I don't remember as well as I'd like. My notes from Discrete Math are hilarious, though.

After tutoring, I stopped by the grocery store for the stuff I'd forgotten or missed in my fit of responsibility yesterday (how dare they run out of mushrooms when I'm there? how dare they?) and then I got home just in time to catch a phone call from Wes, who wants to go to Matrix Reloaded tonight. I'm down with that.

I had chips and salsa for lunch, which helped me get over my wooziness post-tutoring (I think because I'd been sitting in the hot hot sun while we worked?) and that was good. Then I made rice for nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) for dinner tonight. Mmmmm, nasi.

I have an hour and a half until my interview with the owner of the Glenwood. Part of me wants to take a nap, but what I should really do is finish rereading Ain't I a Woman? Black women and feminism so I can return it to the library today. They're holding Feminist theory: from margin to center for me, which is all kinds of good. Yay bell hooks!


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