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I heard John McCain is a Scientologist. Is it true? (Pass it on.)

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"Intelligent design, an idea designed backward so as to force the antique idea of a Creator upon the beauty of creation, is so thoroughly rooted in pseudoscience, so full of false logic, so easy to attack that a little rudeness seems called for."

Kick ass. Hopefully this entry about this article and my post to del.icio.us will remind me to buy some of this man's books so he can have a few more pennies of royalty money. Also, there's always his interview/conversation with Terry Gilliam on the Lost in La Mancha DVD special features, which y'all should check out if you haven't seen it.

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Yep, I'm a dork and I can't help taking notes on stuff that interests me. (I submit, as further evidence, Exhibit B: The Langoliers, based on a recent rereading of that Stephen King novella (Four Past Midnight was just sitting there in the laundry room, ripe for the borrowing!)

Anyway, I'll just put these behind cut tags, since they're mostly for my own reference.

'10 Questions for Joss Whedon', 16 May 2003 ) 'Must-See Metaphysics', 22 February 2003 ) 'A Weekend With Buffy, Vampire Slayer and Seminar Topic' by Charles Taylor, 24 November 2002 ) 'A Vampire With Soul, and Cheekbones' by Joyce Millman, 12 January 2003 ) 'Getting Buffy's Last Rites Right' )

Oh, and while I'm being amused by the New York Times, here's a link I could not resist checking out: Big Hot Blurry Painterly Nudes! (Yes, that's the actual title of the article.)


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