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Most of this was written around 2 AM last night, right after Peter and I got back from the movies with Wes. I was tired and headachy. The music went from "Untitled Song" from REM's Green to "Dead" by They Might Be Giants" while I tried to submit, but eventually I gave up and went to sleep. Anyway, here goes:

As I just said to [livejournal.com profile] qousqous over IM, "matrix reloaded splodey boom. head hurty now." I am at once pleased and disappointed, but oh that Matrix Revolutions will certainly help me keep entertained until The Return of the King comes out, yay hurray! And that's all I'm going to say about it, because my brain hurts and I want to sleep.

However, I will note that according to Peter, Weird Al has a new album out, and it features an "Angry White Boy Polka", which is the cutest thing I've heard of in quite some time.

Also, my interview with the owner of the Glenwood Restaurant went... strangely. We spoke for over half an hour, which would usually be a good sign, except that she didn't really smile at all during our conversation. I got the impression she was worried that a) I don't have enough experience and b) I won't like the work and will quit after a few weeks. I tried my best to convey my big enthusiasm, but don't know if I succeeded. Oh well. We'll see if they call back.

Ok bedtime now. Iggy Pop has been acting kind of weird today --- all slow and sluggish and lazy, like a cat twice his age or more. I think maybe he's sick, but then again he may be feeling better, since he just hopped up onto my lap and purred when I petted him. Yay! But yay in a bedtime way, yes indeedy.

By the way, Iggy Pop is definitely doing better, or at least purrier. He came and slept on our bed last night, and hung out there with me this morning. Also he's getting back to being his usual yowly demanding self. Awww....

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Note: I started this entry a little after 1 PM but couldn't submit it for some time because LJ was freaking out. So I kept adding to it. And now it's kind of long and boring but oh well. Anybody know why LJ kept giving me "database temporarily unavailable" messages all afternoon?

This morning my new student (the one taking number theory and prob/stat) cancelled; she decided she couldn't afford tutoring. Oh well. I had a good session with my other student, number theory this time, which sadly I don't remember as well as I'd like. My notes from Discrete Math are hilarious, though.

After tutoring, I stopped by the grocery store for the stuff I'd forgotten or missed in my fit of responsibility yesterday (how dare they run out of mushrooms when I'm there? how dare they?) and then I got home just in time to catch a phone call from Wes, who wants to go to Matrix Reloaded tonight. I'm down with that.

I had chips and salsa for lunch, which helped me get over my wooziness post-tutoring (I think because I'd been sitting in the hot hot sun while we worked?) and that was good. Then I made rice for nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) for dinner tonight. Mmmmm, nasi.

I have an hour and a half until my interview with the owner of the Glenwood. Part of me wants to take a nap, but what I should really do is finish rereading Ain't I a Woman? Black women and feminism so I can return it to the library today. They're holding Feminist theory: from margin to center for me, which is all kinds of good. Yay bell hooks!

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...because I made almond biscotti and they're really good. Mmmm, biscotti. Once again, Moosewood Restaurant New Classics provides me with instructions for generating tasty goodness. Rock!

(I also made roasted red pepper hummus, but I already knew how to make that.)

Ok, should probably finish the pot of tea and sleep now. New student to meet, another student to teach, and a potential employer to impress tomorrow! Whee!

Updated to add: Ok, that "accomplished" mood icon is frrrreaky.

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Ok, so on Saturday I got a call from the Glenwood Restaurant, asking me to come in for another interview. My last interview was back in March, when we still thought we were moving to Portland, and I told them they should probably hire somebody else since I wasn't going to be around for very long. But I must've made a good impression, because in April I let them know I was staying in Eugene after all, and they called back! So this morning I went in and talked to them, and now they're talking about what shifts to give me! As I suspected, they just had some staff quit on them, and so they need people pretty hard, and I got the impression that if it was up to the manager I spoke to half an hour ago I'd be hired already. But the deal is he's going to have me talk to his boss, who has the final hiring say, and if that goes well I'm going to have a second job! An exciting second job! Rock!

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Pretty please don't spoil Matrix Reloaded for me, please please please!

More of same; eminently skippable )

In other news, I didn't get the job at the applied psychology company, and that's fine by me. They called yesterday afternoon, I think, and it was actually kind of a relief that I didn't get the job, since my interview with them left me so weirdly ambivalent.

Ok, sleepy now but I'm trapped on the couch by cat of cuteness! Ack! I think if I'm very smooth I can sneak out from under my laptop and escape to bed...

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So today I woke up to an exciting email discovery: I am now the proud recipient of a paid LiveJournal account, thanks to the generosity of [livejournal.com profile] msmithma! I'm still exploring all the bells and whistles, but already I'm excited to note that I have many, many user pictures, and uploading my old ones was enough to switch the pictures on the old entries that used them and had previously reverted to my default pic. Neat! Also I suspect there will be much shuffling of stylesheets in the weeks to come, although maybe not....

...because I have a job! Sort of. This morning I went in for my interview at the tutoring place I applied to work at a few weeks ago, and the lady I spoke to was really cool and friendly and basically said, "Well, from your resume I don't think you can be my successor as director of the tutoring program, but I liked your cover letter so much I wanted you to come in so I could talk to you and maybe ask you to be a tutor" and it was a big relief because I'd been trying to figure out how to say "Um, so, yeah, I'd be a good tutor but I don't know about that administrative stuff." Whee! So now I've got an application thingy to fill out, listing the classes I'd be interested in tutoring, includes subjects I'd like to learn more about as well as subjects I know well enough to tutor for sure. My list so far is math, obviously, and linguistics, but probably writing as well, and maybe basic biology/evolution/ecology since I keep surprising myself by both liking that stuff and being good at it to boot. Other suggestions are welcome (literature? feminist theory? reading? whee!)

A bit more about the job, although it won't really feel like a job until I'm actually teaching and getting paid for it.... )

So yay! Coming out of my interview this morning I felt a lot better about this job than I did coming out of the interview with the applied psychology people on Thursday, so it seems to me like it doesn't matter either way whether I get that job. Whee!

Oh, and since I promised Mart!n over IM a few minutes ago, let the record show that I promise to use my new LJ bells and whistles for the general entertainment of all, or something. That is, assuming I ever figure them all out. Whee! (Any suggestions?)

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Ok, so yesterday around 1 PM my post-interview nervousness wore off for real and I was overwhelmed by the urge to be horizontal. So I went to bed. I started filling out some student loan forms, but then I didn't want to get up for more information for that, so instead I called a few possible houses to rent. The first place I called turned out to be a fax number, the second had already been rented, the third gave me the "your call did not go through" message twice, and the last one was an answering machine. Blech, I thought, no more phone calls for now. And, taking a cue from the cat curled up at the foot of the bed, I took a nap.

At 4 PM I was awakened by the phone. It was [livejournal.com profile] cabanasloth, but I was too sleepy and stupid to make coherent plans. ([livejournal.com profile] cabanasloth still owes me about a dozen rude awakenings for the time I wandered into his room and flashed the overhead fluorescent light on and off to wake him up to go to the Motley, even if he doesn't remember this particular traumatic incident.) Anyway, eventually I woke up, more or less refreshed, and called Peter and [livejournal.com profile] cabanasloth and [livejournal.com profile] lusciousbrrd and got everybody to come meet at our apartment. While I slept, it had turned into a freakin' beautiful day out, good for walking around Eugene in. So we went to beer and food at McMenamin's on High Street, and then wandered around U. of Oregon campus a bit, taking the scenic route through Pioneer Cemetery back to our apartment to hang out till midnight-ish.

When we got back to our apartment, we were greeted by a famous first --- cat yak on the rug. Iggy Pop gets big points for barfing on a removable surface and not the carpet, but still... eeeew! Anyway, now that I'm relatively awake and thinking maybe I should actually do something today, laundry's high up on the list of things to do, if only to save that rug from its nasty self. Also I found some more cat yak on my orange fuzzy, which is also unacceptable. Clearly, it's laundry time.

Um, nothing much else to report. We'll probably be going up to Portland some time this weekend to visit [livejournal.com profile] chocolatesmudge and [livejournal.com profile] nedthealpaca with [livejournal.com profile] lusciousbrrd and [livejournal.com profile] cabanasloth, and take our guests on the obligatory pilgrimage to Powells. Oh darn!

Oh, and in case I don't manage to get ahold of him today, let the record show that I'm wishing a very Happy Birthday to my cousin Mike!

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...is French for "the feeling you get when you're done talking to someone and you're finally coming up with good things to say but it's too late to say them." Yeah. That kinda sums up my post-job interview feelings. I'm still a little residually nervous, but going for a walk to check out nearby apartments for rent helped me calm down a little. I should call some of those places, and try not to think too much about all the stuff I should have said at the interview. But first I'll vent some of my post-interview woulda-coulda-shoulda:

What went well )

What didn't go so well )

So, to summarize, I don't know if my interview went well or poorly, and so I'm feeling kinda iffy about getting this job. On the other hand, I was absolutely sure I wouldn't even hear back from them when I turned in my application, so in that sense I'm already doing way better than I expected to. And that's good. Edited to add: They're interviewing all their candidates today, and I should hear back from them either way on Monday or Tuesday.

Ok, hopefully I've cleared my brain enough to do something else now.


May. 7th, 2003 01:27 pm
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Ok, so it's been a busy phone morning. I was talking to [livejournal.com profile] joyquality on IM and got interrupted no fewer than twice in the course of an hour, which is some kind of record, since usually we get that many calls maybe in a week. Maybe. One of the calls was for Peter about homework he's working on with some classmates, but the other was for me, and it was good news! The people from the tutoring job I applied to last week want to interview me! Whee!

So the deal is they're a private tutoring company that specializes in helping learning-disabled kids with their coursework so they can stay in public school instead of going to private school. They work with high school and college students, and the director of the high school student program is going off to a Ph.D. program in the fall, so they need someone to train to take her place, and that might be me. I'd be doing a little tutoring, a little scheduling, a little talking to parents and students to help them figure out what they need and what we can provide, and it sounds like a lot of responsibility but like it could also be very cool. And it's not like I don't have years of experience working with learning disabled students, what with being a full-fledged member of Team "get my severely dyslexic brother through middle and high school" for 5+ years.... and I actually kinda like tutoring. Standing in front of a class sucks my soul, but working one-on-one with students who actually want to learn (or are at least under parental pressure to get their money's worth out of a session) is cool with me.

So dude! Two job interviews in a week, for jobs that actually sound pretty cool, after months and months of nothing! About time, I say, and also yay!

Ok, now that I've gloated about this a bit I can go back to searching the classifieds for places to live (crossing out all the ones that say "no pets" sure does make life easier....) I should also return the key to the place we looked at yesterday, and tell the realtor "thanks but no thanks". And finally it's about time I wrote Personal Journaling a query letter about my bookmaking article. Whee!


May. 6th, 2003 12:20 pm
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So this morning I woke up with the cat (and the sun) and to my surprise I've been awake and relatively energetic ever since. I think it was like 6:15, which I'm pretty sure is the earliest I've gotten up this year, and that means I've been up voluntarily for the past six hours, which has got to be some kind of personal record, really. I went to the hippie grocery store for granola and yogurt and a few other things before 8 AM. No kidding. I could see my breath, and there was still a little frost on the ground. It was wacky. I suspect this newfound energy is due to a combination of spring (yay more sunlight!) and excitement/nervousness about my job interview on Thursday morning. But hey, if it gets me up and active and enthusiastic about life instead of slow and sluggish and just sort of killing time for lack of anything better to do, I'll take it!

Since then, I've been talking to [livejournal.com profile] joyquality about her impending move to Eugene, and about being housemates! It looks like student family housing is out (official requirements say no more than 2 adults per unit, although they also say no cats). It's okay; browsing today's classifieds, I found a potentially very cool house for us (3 bedrooms, 1 bath, cat allowed for an extra $100 deposit, only a few blocks away from our current apartment complex, not much farther from U. of O campus, and still walking distance away from both hippie and conventional grocery stores). Unless utilities and DSL are way more than I think they are, it might actually lower our monthly rent and related expenses, too, so bonus! I think I'll try to stop by the relevant real estate agency in a bit, to pick up an application for that (and maybe a key, so Peter and I can check it out this afternoon).

I didn't get out to the library to consult Writer's Market about the possibility of submitting to Personal Journaling magazine yesterday, so that's my other errand for today (that and depositing a check and possibly stopping by the conventional grocery store to remedy our terrible lack of both peanut butter and jam).

Other fun activities planned for today include a possible frisbee golf expedition with Peter and his fellow grad student James, and Wes if we can get ahold of him. Woo! Ok, time to enjoy the beautiful weather on my bike ride to the library and other errands (also, enjoying the beautiful weather during lunch got me lemon cake, courtesy of our neighbor Andrea, with whom we have a very informal baked-goods exchange going on.... I'm going to miss her, but she's moving at the end of the month, so I'm going to miss her no matter what happens with finding a new place for us to live).


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