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And so far, keeping up with my goal of one TracyFood post per weekday, much to my amazement. So that's keeping me distracted from writing on LJ, as is my sustainable agriculture class (field trips next week and the week after that!) and working at Morning Glory and helping at WFFC and on and on and on (today was a lazy day in the name of getting/staying healthy). The weather's gone back to sucking, but earlier this week I planted carrots and spinach and peas to celebrate the fact that my garlic is up and it's staying light past 5 PM (well until 5:30, even!)
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Dear Rain,

Don't get me wrong. I know you're good for my garden, especially the carrots I thinned out and the brand shiny new green zebra and yellow brandywine tomatoes I planted today. I'm down with not having to water my plants with the garden hose, although I'm still going to mulch them lovingly with grass clippings in an effort to retain water (and as an added bonus, keep down weeds). But couldn't you wait with starting till I'm at work instead of making it hard for me to get there on my bike? I would've liked to keep pruning my roses and make a run to the library, too... but I'll settle for the fact that you seem to be slowing down a bit. Hold that thought! Thank you!


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Planted: leeks and carrots. Yay! And now to work, where monkey jokes may or may not still reign supreme.

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I buy items from the distressed pile, of course! Today's impulse buys included a bag of cat food with a rip in it (half price, and it doesn't expire till next year, so I'm sure it's fine) and just-add-water mix for the spiced chai I used to get at the Koffee Klatch in Laguna Beach. Mmm, nostalgia. It's not as good as the kind I make from scratch (less spice, more sweetness), but it's good enough to take to work and mix with hot water for deliciousness. Awww, yeah. Also at the hardware store I got a new reflective goes-under-the-burner pan thingy for the stove, to replace the one that wouldn't stop getting all icky and rusty (this kind of thing I ignored when I was renting, but I care deeply now that it's my stove I can't keep clean) and gloves to protect my dainty little hands from the scariness that is oven cleaner.

Speaking of spring cleaning, it's a lovely enough day outside that I'm opening windows all over the house and airing things out. Yay for fresh air! And perhaps in the bestest news of all, the hippie home and garden place has red currant plants!

Okay, I thought I had more to say but then I got distracted by other stuff for half an hour so I'm going to go ahead and post this. Life is good.

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I'm up past my bedtime, but I'm pretty sure this'll still be funny tomorrow morning.

Also, holy shit! Iggy Pop just went all stare-and-hiss at the back door. Why? Raccoons. At least four of them, at last count. They're ballsy furballs, too; when Peter and I went to see what all the kitty aggression was about, they just sort of stared in at us humans before going under the back porch. Peter says they're the fattest, healthiest-looking raccoons he's ever seen, too, and I gotta admit I'm glad there's a pane of glass between them and Iggy or he might be out getting his ass kicked right now. Them's BIG mofoes, but the cat knows they're the enemy just the same. I fear for the safety of our future gardens with a menace like that afoot. Time to invest in craptons of chicken wire, I suppose.

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The garlic I planted is sprouting! Yay! Also, my dad is 64 years old today! Yay! And I got a phone call from my friend Sarah, who is hopefully no longer locked out of her car at the time of this writing. And I went to Wild Oats and bought a case of 80¢ Luna Bars, which will hopefully last for longer than a week, but um, yeah. And now I have a pot of Earl Grey Blue, and the special features of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to watch. My cat is still really cute, and in general, life is good.


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