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I'm reading The Way We Eat: Why Our Food Choices Matter by Peter Singer and Jim Mason, and it might be my favorite piece of "when in doubt, don't eat the animal product" propaganda to date (besides cookbooks, anyway). But I just got to the chapter on eating out, and I'm a little worried, because of this passage:

Oh please don't be endorsing whiny bitchitude. All y'all: Be kind to waitstaff, especially when they put up with your shit. This has been a public service announcement. )

That ranted, I am hoping very much that Singer and Mason will conclude that if you really want to eat out ethically, you should either patronize only restaurants that proudly advertise the origin of their ingredients, or forget it and eat only what you cook at home from ingredients whose sources you know and love (and good luck with that; this book, The Omnivore's Dilemma, and of course Marion Nestle's fantastic What To Eat are good places to start). I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because the book has been very smart and in touch with reality so far, and I'm more than halfway through. And now I will return to my reading.

Update, 11:18 PM --- Nope, but then again the chapter turned out to be a more general thing about the food industry and three businesses in particular. I thought they went a little too easy on Whole Foods, too, but oh well. Maybe they'll give the "either choose your restaurant with care or stay home" advice in the conclusion of the book.

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I maybe started myself a food blog last week (with web geek help from Peter, of course). And tonight I maybe told my mom about it. Here's hoping she can limit herself to one comment per entry.

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I am inordinately amused by the ad copy on the back of my Sea Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips:

NO STUFF... Chips you'll still respect in the morning.

The fools! If there are none left in the morning, the only one left to lose my respect will be me. But mmmm, chips.

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Dear Internet,

Stop messing with me and my friends! First the fabulous Chiara's journal gets all borked, then Paul feels my pain in a way that's especially ironic to read when I'm sitting in bed getting hungrier and hungrier while I'm trapped under my laptop, and finally hey, by the way, reloading LiveJournal only brings more bad news, because it looks like Everything2's broken now too. Sheesh.

Cut that out! And come up with a website that delivers freshly-cooked steelcut oats, preferably through a magical portal that opens up in my bedroom so I don't even have to get up for breakfast. Seriously. I still love you, but damn. And no, the irony of how I'm posting this online is not lost on me, oh no. And now I'm really getting up for breakfast, since that site I mentioned earlier is still a pipe dream and also I have to be at work in less than an hour.


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Today I am thankful I'm not in Hell:

The action at Toys 'R Us in Times Square today )

Here's hoping the sadistic glee of not being in that picture will help me through making travel plans for December and actually carrying out those plans (the scary Homeland Security hands-of-blue drones are bad enough without Xmas Muzak making me want to rip my own eyes out as well).

I'm amazed to be saying this after all the delicious food I ate yesterday, but I'm really hungry. Time for breakfast! Coffee and pie it is.

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Today's stupid food epiphany: popcorn with salt and nutritional yeast is a great way to satisfy my cravings for cheezy poofs, and a lot less nasty besides.

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Holy monkey gods, it's pouring out. And just as I got done with the dishes and put clothes in the dryer and could've left to do errands without feeling like I was running away from chores, too. In other news, I have been eating like a child today: hippie all-natural Pop Tarts, Honey Nut Cheerios, and salt and pepper Kettle Chips. Should get some vegetables into the mix at some point today, yes? Errr... what? Sun? Okay, it's gonna hail again, isn't it? Weather is whack.

Update, 16:40: And there's the hail. Lots of it. Dang. I will continue to stay inside with the kitty, yes I will.

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goteam's Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 8
Average number of words per sentence:16.84
Average number of syllables per word:1.45
Total words in sample:2088
Analyze your journal! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

This test makes me wonder how I would've scored in 8th grade. Also I wonder how this would change if it was run on all of my entries and not just the publically viewable ones.

In other news, today I made stewed red cabbage and apples for the Sundance hot bar. But, because red cabbage has a tendency to fade and look less pretty over time, I added roasted beets and red onions. The resultant product was a truly fearsome shade of magenta, and my cuticles are stained purple. Life is good. Now it is time for dinner and then Sin City.

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Happy birthday [livejournal.com profile] acapnotic!

Vegan molasses-ginger cookies are done, and chocolate cake (also vegan) is in the oven, scheduled to be done just in time to drive up to Portland, which leaves plenty of time for it to cool. Woohoo!

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So. The plan for tomorrow (technically today, Wednesday 8 December 2004) is breakfast/brunch at Morning Glory before we hit the road for Portland with the Boothes and a whole messload of chocolate chip cookies. We will be visiting Peter's cousin and of course Powells City of Books, where at 6 PM we're hoping to meet up with as many of [livejournal.com profile] chocolatesmudge, [livejournal.com profile] nedthealpaca, [livejournal.com profile] ideath, and the rest of their clan as possible. Now I go to send messages to [livejournal.com profile] ideath on as many channels as possible. But um yeah. If you can read this, and you see [livejournal.com profile] ideath any time before 6 PM tomorrow, tell her that there will be people who want to see her meeting in the Powells green room.

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I need to go to the store for basic food staples like eggs and bread (we've finally admitted that the bread machine isn't working) but in the meantime, a little brain dump.

Previously worrisome tax stuff about the house has been sorted with our big scary corporate lender; now all I have to do is remind Lane County that I own this house, too. That's not so bad. However, while I'm on the subject of taxes, I for one am not happy to hear that the Bush administration's tax reforms may focus on taxing consumption instead of income. That translates as "big tax cuts for people with more money than they can spend", mmkay? It is bad news if you are spending anywhere near what you earn, living paycheck to paycheck, or borrowing money, you will be paying proportionally more. Isn't that kind of the definition of regressive taxation? I haven't looked it up yet, but I'm definitely feeling suspicious. If any of you want to beat me to researching this and writing or drawing it up in catchy Internet meme form, please feel free.

I think maybe I need one of these shirts. Longsleeve, though; my t-shirt collection is still pretty out of control. I'm glad to report that my crew at work is mostly shell-shocked and/or disgusted by the events of this Tuesday; the one guy who probably voted for Bush isn't scheduled to work with me for at least another two weeks, so that's all good. By then I'm sure he'll be rooting for some other team he thinks is a winner, or else I can always kick him in the balls accidentally bump him with a hot pan add him to my list of "okay, so you voted for the guy, now explain me why" interviewees. I think I'll probably be able to maintain horrified curiosity, but if he gets obnoxious, there's always the hot pan fallback plan.

I am loving SorryEverybody.com. Part of me still wants to be writing letters to everyone I know outside the U.S. to remind them that 3.5 million is not that big a lead and there's no way of knowing how much of it is faked or stolen or due to voter intimidation or crappy machines or provisional ballots or whatever but most importantly there's still millions of people in this country who are not actively trying to bring about the Eschaton. But actions are louder than words, yes? Better than a personal letter from me to a few friends and relatives is for many more people to see the world news have report millions of U.S.-ians protesting the stupids in charge. Hint, hint, y'all.

Speaking of news, self-censorship can suck it. Last night after I finished closing, I stopped by the office to chat with my manager, as I am wont to do. He's in "turn off the TV'" mode, which I can respect a bunch, oh yes. But I was never big on the TV to begin with, and I do still want to keep informed. This is where all y'all help me make a list of independent media sources so I can see things through more filters than just The New York Times, AlterNet, and whatever generic Associated Press-style shows up on my Yahoo! homepage when I make my daily email check there. I check out Common Dreams from time to time, I don't read or listen to Democracy Now! nearly as much as I should (note to self; independent radio news is kewl) and I like Salon, maybe even enough to put my money where that comment is and subscribe (they do, after all, publish Lynda Barry and Keith Knight's comix, which is reason enough to love them right there). But where else should I be looking? Keep me posted, kids!

I don't want to take the No on 36 sign out of our window. I'm thinking of adapting it to say "Constitutional Amendment 36 is still wrong".

At the very least, I'm working on compiling a big list of the good and hopeful and productive and just interesting things people are saying in the wake of this election. I'll probably write some more about hope, since that's my theme for now, but after that I'm not sure where to go. Do I try to make it into a book? Would any of you who wrote in last time be interested in contributing to a book about hope? How about a more self-published indie zine-type thingy that we sell on the Internet all underground economy style because it's easier than trying to shop things around to publishers? Again, bring the ideas, please.

Note to self: write defiant "Dear U.S. of A." letter.

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The garlic I planted is sprouting! Yay! Also, my dad is 64 years old today! Yay! And I got a phone call from my friend Sarah, who is hopefully no longer locked out of her car at the time of this writing. And I went to Wild Oats and bought a case of 80¢ Luna Bars, which will hopefully last for longer than a week, but um, yeah. And now I have a pot of Earl Grey Blue, and the special features of The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension to watch. My cat is still really cute, and in general, life is good.

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It's our political action fund! A guy from the Sierra Club just came by and we gave him $8 in quarters and Sacajawea dollars. Plus Allison and I got to send postcards to Bush and OR senator Smith saying "National parks are good, mmkay? Leave 'em be!" Now I am hungry, which means it's time for leftovers! Mmmm, cream of three mushrooms soup courtesy of the Glenwood's dinners to go! Woo!

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The good news: my Sundance application is all but complete, except for references, and I'm working on that. Also, I got a lot of cleaning and filing done while searching through my piles of crap for my Palm, so I could use its address book to finish the references section. And after all that cleaning (and a tasty lunch of leftover gado gado, hanging out on the front porch with the cat, who is super-cute as always) I managed to find the Palm.

The bad news: My Palm is utterly dead. Again. I recharged it and it's back to the ol' blank slate it started as. Crappy. Time to go searching for old employers' addresses in my email archives, I guess.

Update, 16:25: Holy monkey gods, my paper address book is out of date.


Oct. 15th, 2003 09:57 am
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[livejournal.com profile] leech, apparently you're not the only one whose Friends list is obsessed with breakfast. Apparently everyone's an expert where oatmeal is concerned =).

In other news, I need to start getting up earlier so I can have more than one cup of tea before leaving the house to go tutoring. Especially when my throat is all icky and sore and needs the hot liquid desperately. Sigh. And rain can suck it. Have I mentioned how much I need fenders for my bike? Someday my jeans will dry... I hope.

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I had quick oats instead of the regular kind for breakfast this morning. They were inferior. I was disappointed. Now, don't get me wrong --- they weren't as foul as instant oatmeal, but then again, what is? (I think that's a rhetorical question, rather than a call for all y'all reading this to list off things that are disgusting.)


Sep. 29th, 2003 08:42 pm
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I can't stand to read what I wrote for last year's National Novel-Writing Month, but it's been so long that I don't remember it well enough to outline what still needs to be written! Bleaaaugh!

Part of me (ok, a large part) wants to just give up and throw it all out, but I know that's a bad idea because I never finish anything. Somehow I have to muster the determination and sheer god-damnedness to write the rest, but... yuck. It's such dreck! Total dreck! To quote Bill the Cat, "Ack! Ptui!"

Ok, time to do something else now. Preferably something that doesn't leave me quite so disgusted. I know... I've got some bread pudding in the oven that needs checking on. That's much better than beating myself around the head with my shitty, shitty incomplete novel.


Sep. 20th, 2003 11:04 am
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So this morning Peter and I got up at 7:30 to be part of the Eugene Celebration parade. We rode a recumbent tandem (sorry, [livejournal.com profile] flamingweasel) from Paul's Bicycle Way of Life and it was alternately terrifying and way cool. As the back rider, I had handlebars to hold onto, but they didn't steer, brake, or shift, so I spent a lot of time waving and clapping and hot diggety if/when we do this next year I'm so bringing along a musical instrument and maybe a costume; at times it felt like everybody else was fabulously attired and I was totally underdressed. Everybody else was in their pajamas, since the parade is kind of early for a Saturday morning.

Now I think it's time to head out to Saturday Market for our CSA veggies and more breakfast (I had a little granola and yogurt before we left and a chai while we were waiting for the bike shop to open, but now I'm hungry again).

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So help me, I cannot remember figuring out the concept of mathematical inverses (multiplicative and additive), let alone when they were first introduced to me. I guess at the time I didn't even think it was cool, probably because it was only explained to me in terms of how to solve simple algebra problems, and not in terms of "ok, so this is one of those basic recurring concepts that'll keep turning up to interconnect all the math you know". Which is a shame. I'm trying to explain to my pre-algebra student about addition and subtraction are kind of the same, only opposite, and multiplication and division are the same, only opposite, and I don't know if I'm getting through at all. I'm trying to put it in terms of turning math problems inside out so they look prettier and easier to solve, but I don't know if that's the right thing to do. Part of the problem, I think, is that he's still struggling with complicated multiplication and division. Part of me wants to stop and work on those, but mostly I want to give him a calculator for the arithmetic and work on the concepts, since they're ever so much cooler. What I remember most about pre-algebra is Mr. Gelfand, who taught it: I swear, the man had a different suit for every day of the month, but he seemed particularly fond of a burgundy-red number that he wore with a yellow shirt. Also he apparently had a really bad toupee, but I never noticed. I'm kind of unobservant about that kind of thing; hairpieces have to be really, blatantly fake (like a different color from the rest of the person's hair), or else on someone I know to be bald, for me to pick up on them. But I digress. I digress so much, in fact, that I just took time out to write one of the few people I knew in middle school who might remember Mr. Gelfand and/or even be able to tell me when we learned inverses. I'm dork-tacular.

In other news, I still need a haircut, and Mother Kali's Books is probably going out of business, which means it's time for me to buy a copy of all the Alix Olson CDs they have in stock, because ack! Nowhere else has them in stock! I might complete my Dar Williams collection and finally get me some Toshi Reagon, while I'm at it. Did I mention waaaah? I knew Mother Kali's hadn't been doing well for some time, and that they'd gone through a horrific traumatic reorganization last fall, but wah!

Um, what else? Contact improv tonight (yay hippie dance!) and I should probably go get myself some binders and stuff to better organize my tutoring course materials and suchforth (plus, any excuse to go play in office-supplies land! Woo!) Maybe a trip to the library as well. Also food. Yes. Food would be good.

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If you haven't already, now is the time to listen to "Labor Day" by the Dead Milkmen ("fuckin' Jerry Lewis!" --- it's been in my head on and off all day), and peruse Merry Labor Day from Cat and Girl (which hopefully makes your Labor Day plans look good). If I can keep awake long enough, I'll try to read me some Howard Zinn appropriate to the occasion as well, but I'm tiiiiired after having worked all of Labor Day Weekend. The irony is oh so not lost on me. Sigh. At least we got to close the restaurant early today (though that doesn't affect me nearly as much as the people who got there later in the day and actually had their shifts cut short as a result).

Since coming home from work, I have taken a little nap, lounged around the house in my pajamas, talked to my parents on the phone (plans for birthday presents and travels to the east coast are in the works), and had huevos rancheros for dinner. Yum. I'm tired, but life is pretty good.


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